Ellen Cregan

Ellen Cregan is a writer, bookseller and editor from Melbourne. Her writing has appeared in publications such as Voiceworks, The Suburban Review and Feminartsy. She instagrams cats, knitting progress shots and sporadic book recommendations from @ellenceee.

Books Roundup: Lucky’s, A Jealous Tide, Collisions, Azadi, Memorial

Books Roundup: Hysteria, Song of the Crocodile, Honeybee, Everything In Its Right Place, Viva La Novella 2020

Books Roundup: The F Team, Poly, Revenge, Ordinary Matter, State Highway One, No Presents Please

Books Roundup: the Fogging, Kokomo, Loner, Real Life, Why Visit America, The Most Beautiful Job in the World

Books Roundup: July

Books Roundup: June

Books Roundup: May

Books Roundup: April

Books Roundup: ‘Shirl’, ‘Blueberries’, ‘The Wandering’

Books Roundup: ‘Cherry Beach’, ‘In the Clearing’, ‘Strange Hotel’

Books Roundup: ‘Being Black ‘n Chicken & Chips,’ ‘The Weekend’, ‘In This Desert There Were Seeds’

Books Roundup: ‘White Tears/Brown Scars’, ‘The Testaments’, ‘Viva La Novella’

Books Roundup: ‘The House of Youssef’, ‘Pills, Powder and Smoke’, ‘Meet me at Lennon’s’

Books Roundup: ‘It Sounded Better in My Head’, ‘Growing Up Queer in Australia’, ‘From Here On, Monsters’

Books Roundup: ‘A Constant Hum’, ‘The White Girl’, ‘Dry Milk’

Books Roundup: ‘Little Stones’, ‘Maybe You Should Talk To Someone’, ‘Sweatshop Women’

Books Roundup: ‘Stop Being Reasonable’, ‘Hazelwood’, ‘Room for a Stranger’

Books Roundup: ‘The Shining Wall’, ‘Lanny’, ‘City of Trees’

Books Roundup: ‘Witches’, ‘This Young Monster’, ‘The Glad Shout’

Books Roundup: ‘Call Me Evie’, ‘Imperfect’, ‘You Know You Want This’

Books Roundup: Trace, Going Postal, A Girl’s Guide to Personal Hygiene

Books Roundup: Speaking Up, The Fragments, The Butcherbird Stories

Books Roundup: ‘Vodka & Apple Juice’, ‘Normal People’, Viva La Novella

Books Roundup: ‘One Last Spin’, ‘Boom and Bust’, ‘Happy Never After’

Books Roundup: ‘Flames’, ‘A Superior Spectre’, ‘One Hundred Years of Dirt’

The Home Front: Mira Robertson’s ‘The Unexpected Education of Emily Dean’

Somebody to Lean On: Julia Prendergast’s The Earth Does Not Get Fat

A Home in the Suburbs: Laurie Steed’s You Belong Here

Masculinity in Deep Freeze: Robert Lukins’ The Everlasting Sunday

Love and Survival: Heather Morris’s ‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz’

The Town in the Mist: Lois Murphy’s ‘Soon’

Van Diemen’s Land’s Most Wanted: Rachel Leary’s ‘Bridget Crack’

Mothers and Soldiers: Emily Brewin’s ‘Hello, Goodbye’

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