29.05.19 — MemoirMillie Baylis

How To Rest: Chronic Illness and Finding Joy in Small Days

29.04.19 — MemoirLauren Draper

An Unquiet Death

08.04.19 — MemoirLaura Elizabeth Woollett

The Method and the Madness: On the Dangerous Allure of Method Writing

01.04.19 — EssaysRebecca Varcoe

Does It Also Feel This Way To You?: Street Art, Family, and Community

20.02.19 — MemoirElizabeth Duck-Chong

Clear History: Digital Minimalism and KonMari-ing the Cloud

11.02.19 — MemoirPhoebe Paterson de Heer

Women's Work: The Gendered Challenge of Learning by Doing

26.11.18 — MemoirKira Friedman

Memories Among the Ruins: Uncovering Latvia's buried past

12.11.18 — MemoirCameron Summers-Borchard

The Birth, The Flood, The City

12.11.18 — MemoirMelanie Myers

The Promised Land: Coming of age in the Logos Foundation

04.10.18 — MemoirFiona Wright

Relaxed, Even Resigned

17.09.18 — MemoirCaitlin Maling

You, Perth and Me

17.09.18 — MemoirRafeif Ismail

Homeland, Heartland: Unbelonging as a Child of Diaspora

12.09.18 — MemoirJay Martin

First Book Club: Guest in the House, God in the House

10.08.18 — MemoirJill Stark

Read an extract from Jill Stark's Happy Never After

09.07.18 — MemoirAnne Kellas

Palimpsest: Building a City of Memory

18.06.18 — MemoirFernanda Dahlstrom

Mothers Inside: Growing Up in the Prison-Industrial Complex

21.05.18 — MemoirOmar Sakr

The Other Son

04.05.18 — MemoirJessie Cole

Extract: Jessie Cole's Staying

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