31.01.16 — Books & WritingNathan Smith

The Outsiders: The early stories of Truman Capote


14.08.15 — Books & WritingMatilda Dixon-Smith

Short and Sweet: Women and girls in the stories of Katherine Heiny and Tegan Bennett Daylight


22.05.15 — Books & WritingAbigail Ulman

Cold Feet and Hot Little Hands: Abigail Ulman on writing – and not writing – her first book


19.05.15 — Books & WritingSian Campbell

Girlhood and The Woman-Child in Abigail Ulman’s Hot Little Hands


18.05.15 — Books & WritingJames Tierney

Subscriber Stories: Angela Readman’s Don’t Try This At Home


03.03.15 — Books & WritingLou Heinrich

To see each other’s innards: Intimacy in Margaret Atwood’s Stone Mattress


04.11.14 — Books & WritingCarody Culver

The witch is dead: Hilary Mantel’s The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher


15.09.14 — Books & WritingClaire Hielscher

A joyous deception: Ceridwen Dovey’s Only the Animals

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17.06.13 — Media & PublishingSam van Zweden

The turning of the tide for short stories?


22.10.12 — Books & WritingJames Roy

Excerpt: from ‘Fliss’ by James Roy

Books and Writing

03.09.12 — Books & WritingCaroline Hamilton

Speculative fictions: Edgar Allan Poe and The Raven

Beautys Sister

06.06.12 — Books & Writing

Anytime, anywhere? Reviewing Penguin and A&U digital shorts


24.04.12 — Books & WritingJohannes Jakob

This is a positive review of Ryan O’Neill’s short story collection The Weight of a Human Heart

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20.09.11 — Books & Writing

The Long and the Short of It: Affirm Press and short fiction

Visit from the goon squad

07.09.11 — Books & Writing

The Importance of Being Egan: experimentation and Australian literature


02.08.11 — Interviews

Excerpt: Kill Your Darlings in conversation with Ron Rash


29.07.11 — Books & Writing

On Writing: Leah Swann


21.07.11 — Books & WritingLouise Swinn

Recommended Reading: Louise Swinn

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