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The KYD Debut Spotlight is our way of shining a light on the many brilliant debut authors in this country. Each month we feature a fantastic new-release work of fiction or non-fiction, with author interviews and independent reviews from KYD contributors.

July Debut Spotlight: Big Time by Jordan Prosser (UQP)

In a not-too-distant future Australia, the eastern states have become the world’s newest autocracy—a place where pop music is propaganda, science is the enemy and moral indecency is punishable by indefinite detention. Big Time is an anti-fascist ode to the power of pop music, wrapped up in an unforgettable, psychedelic road trip.

Stay tuned later this month for a video Q&A with Jordan, plus a book review in KYD.

Debut Spotlight is a paid partnership with Australian publishers designed to promote the critical discussion of new authors’ work to a wide audience. Titles are selected by KYD, and all reviews have editorial independence.

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