This week we launched our first ever Speculative Fiction & Fantasy Showcase – but what kind of futuristic or fantastical world would we be creating, if there was only one way to consume it? In these stories, technology and the science that drives it has eroded aspects of characters’ humanity. Governments have begun controlling the micro-decisions of our everyday lives; an apocalypse has produced a deadly weapon in the form of language; a couple’s differing choices about a sustainable future has devastating consequences; a tree nymph is abducted by a restless sailor and must find a way to survive; and a researcher trapped in an underwater facility is doomed by the machinations of the corporation that controls it.

Excerpts read by their authors – read the full versions on our website!

Jane Rawson, ‘Kangaroo’

J.R. Hennessy: ‘The Word’

J.A. Haigh: ‘The Whelk’

Angela Meyer: ‘Micro’

Claire Corbett: ‘Inside the Aquarium’

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