KYD Podcast: Jay Martin’s ‘Vodka & Apple Juice’

The Kill Your Darlings Podcast
The Kill Your Darlings Podcast
KYD Podcast: Jay Martin's 'Vodka & Apple Juice'

Jay Martin was excited at the thought of spending three years as a diplomat’s wife in Poland. A break from her job as a social policy advisor and a first posting for her husband’s new career? Who wouldn’t be keen! Thrown into the drama of adapting to a new culture and language, building connections from scratch and losing the feeling of relevance her work gave her, Jay soon learns even enviable situations are more complex than they appear from afar. In Jay’s memoir Vodka & Apple Juice (Fremantle Press), she unpacks the trials and tribulations of an undiplomatic wife.

In our September First Book Club chat, she joined us to discuss writing about Poland from afar, creating engaging narrative from personal experience, and what she learned about Australians from her time abroad.

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