Kill Your Darlings Podcast #10: Week By Week

The Kill Your Darlings Podcast
The Kill Your Darlings Podcast
Kill Your Darlings Podcast #10: Week By Week

Welcome back to the Kill Your Darlings Podcast for 2016! We’ve taken the start of the year a little slow and we’ll be taking the rest of it Week By Week (or month by month, when it comes to the podcast).

In this, our first episode for the year, we speak to author C.S. Pacat, who has just released the third book in her Captive Prince trilogy. Pacat discusses the differences between releasing her first two books chapter-by-chapter online, and completing the third for a major publisher.

Writer and comedian Luke Ryan chats about serial fiction podcasts (we have a few recs for you below), and Martin McKenzie-Murray, our first First Book Club author for the year, discusses his work for the Saturday Paper.

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