20.05.19 — EssaysChloë Cooper

Chasing Immortality: How the Denial of Death Prevents Us From Living

16.05.19 — New FictionRuby Porter

Extract: Ruby Porter’s Attraction (Giveaway)

15.05.19 — Books & PublishingClare Millar

Something Special: Specialist Bookselling in Australia

14.05.19 — Books & PublishingEleanor Gordon-Smith

Shelf Reflection: Eleanor Gordon-Smith

06.05.19 — New FictionJ.A. Haigh

Spec Fic/Fantasy Showcase: ‘The Whelk’

06.05.19 — New FictionAngela Meyer

Spec Fic/Fantasy Showcase: ‘Micro’

06.05.19 — New FictionClaire Corbett

Spec Fic/Fantasy Showcase: ‘Inside the Aquarium’

06.05.19 — New FictionJ.R. Hennessy

Spec Fic/Fantasy Showcase: ‘The Word’

06.05.19 — New FictionJane Rawson

Spec Fic/Fantasy Showcase: ‘Kangaroo’

02.05.19 — Books & PublishingEllen CreganVanessa Giron

Books Roundup: Stop Being Reasonable, Room for a Stranger

01.05.19 — CultureKill Your Darlings

KYD Recommends: Staff and contributors share their April picks

26.04.19 — InterviewsKill Your Darlings

‘Mistakes are what make zines beautiful’: Q&A with Bastian Fox Phelan

24.04.19 — InterviewsAva Amedi

‘I’m Still Very Enchanted by the Visual’: Conversation with Alexander Chee

18.04.19 — Books & PublishingMelissa Ferguson

Writing A Plausible Tomorrow: Sci-Fi Futures and Unimagined Realities in The Shining Wall

17.04.19 — InterviewsAlan Vaarwerk

‘A Sensuous Kind of Destruction’: Conversation with Ling Ma

15.04.19 — InterviewsAlice Cottrell

‘What Does It Mean To Write a Contemporary Novel?’: Conversation with Rachel Kushner

10.04.19 — Books & PublishingEllen CreganSonia NairChris Somerville

Books Roundup: The Shining Wall, Lanny, City of Trees

09.04.19 — New FictionFelicity McLean

Extract: Felicity McLean’s The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone

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