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Meet tomorrow’s biggest authors today as we shine a spotlight on debut Australian authors.

The KYD First Book Club was established in 2014. Each month we promote a new release debut book of fiction or non-fiction that we’re gunning for everyone to read!

Through a series of events, online content and podcast coverage, the KYD First Book Club encourages wide-ranging and long-lasting conversations about these authors and their books both on and offline.

October First Book Club: Hysteria by Katerina Bryant

Kill Your Darlings’ First Book Club pick for October is Katerina Bryant’s Hysteria (NewSouth), a timely and powerful memoir of illness, strength and women’s stories throughout history.

When Katerina Bryant suddenly began experiencing chronic seizures, she was plunged into a foreign world of doctors and psychiatrists, who understood her condition as little as she did. Reacting the only way she knew how, she immersed herself in books, reading her way through her own complicated diagnosis and finding a community of women who shared similar experiences.

In the tradition of Siri Hustvedt’s The Shaking Woman, Bryant blends memoir with literary and historical analysis to explore women’s medical treatment. Hysteria retells the stories of silenced women, from the ‘Queen of Hysterics’ Blanche Wittmann to Mary Glover’s illness termed ‘hysterica passio’  a panic attack caused by the movement of the uterus — in London in 1602 and more. By centring these stories of women who had no voice in their own diagnosis and treatment, Bryant finds her own voice: powerful, brave and resonant.

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Coming up in November: Lucky’s by Andrew Pippos (Picador).

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