First Book Club

Meet tomorrow’s biggest authors today in a series of intimate free events with debut Australian authors.

Established in 2014, the KYD First Book Club partners with local publishers to each month promote a new release debut book of fiction or non-fiction that KYD is gunning for everyone to read!

Through a series of events, online content, podcast coverage and profiles, the KYD First Book Club encourages wide-ranging and long-lasting conversations about these authors and their books both on and off the screen.

May First Book Club: Jessica Friedmann’s Things That Helped

Our First Book Club pick for May is Jessica Friedmann’s Things That Helped, a stunning debut collection of personal essays navigating Friedmann’s journey through postpartum depression after the birth of her son. Drawing on critical theory, popular culture, and personal experience, her wide-ranging essays touch on class, race, gender, and sexuality, as well as motherhood, creativity, and mental illness.

things-that-helpedOccasionally confronting, but always powerfully moving and beautifully observed, Things That Helped charts Jessica’s return into the world: a slow and complex process of reassembling what depression fractured, and sometimes broke.

Writing in the Weekend Australian, former KYD Online Editor Emily Laidlaw writes: “In Friedmann’s world, art is everywhere, and its effects are visceral. Each essay focuses on a discrete thing that helped her through a bad time. Gripped by sadness, she feels joy while applying lipstick, or drinking her favourite pho. When the fog descends and makes it hard to think, she escapes into the pleasing three-act structure of a Hollywood ballet movie. Elsewhere, she finds order in abstract paintings and catharsis in listening to sad music.”

Stay tuned as we explore more of the book on the KYD website and podcast throughout May!

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