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Meet tomorrow’s biggest authors today as we shine a spotlight on debut Australian authors.

Established in 2014, the KYD First Book Club partners with local publishers to each month promote a new release debut book of fiction or non-fiction that KYD is gunning for everyone to read!

Through a series of events, online content, podcast coverage and profiles, the KYD First Book Club encourages wide-ranging and long-lasting conversations about these authors and their books both on and off the screen.

June First Book Club: Elizabeth Kuiper’s Little Stones

Kill Your Darlings’ First Book Club pick for June is Little Stones by Elizabeth Kuiper (UQP), a coming-of-age story set in Zimbabwe during the reign of Robert Mugabe.

Hannah lives in Zimbabwe during the reign of Robert Mugabe: it’s a country of petrol queues and power cuts, food shortages and government corruption. Yet Hannah is lucky. She can afford to go to school, has never had to skip a meal, and lives in a big house with her mum and their Shona housekeeper. Hannah is wealthy, she is healthy, and she is white. But money can’t always keep you safe.

As the political situation becomes increasingly unstable and tensions within Hannah’s family escalate, her sheltered life is threatened. She is forced to question all that she’s taken for granted, including where she belongs.

Stay tuned for features on our website and podcast throughout June, and join us for a free in-conversation event at Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library on 25 June, to hear author Elizabeth Kuiper discuss the book with First Book Club host Ellen Cregan.

Coming up in July: Alice Bishop’s A Constant Hum (Text).

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