Chad Parkhill

Chad Parkhill is a Melbourne-based writer and cultural critic. Chad was music columnist for KYD in 2014.

Books Roundup: ‘It Sounded Better in My Head’, ‘Growing Up Queer in Australia’, ‘From Here On, Monsters’

On judging the Most Underrated Book Award

Dumb Flesh, Rave Cave, and the Peril and Promise of Solo Side Projects

Against the Album of the Year

Mo money mo problems: The value of music in the age of streaming

Who killed Amanda Palmer fandom?

The not-so-universal language of mankind

The music of exhaustion

The Perpetual Undeath of Rock

Calling out of context: The perennial appeal of Arthur Russell

The carnival is over

Why has Robin Thicke’s Paula flopped?

Queering the Power: The Soft Pink Truth’s Why Do the Heathen Rage?

Never Settled: The Knife’s Shaken-Up Versions

Loving (and hating) Tori Amos

Still climbing the ladder to God: Swans’ To Be Kind

The critic as parasite

Radical honesty: EMA’s The Future’s Void

Do music critics need music theory?

Drips, leaks, and spurts

Singing out

Something rich and strange: Beck’s Morning Phase

The future isn’t what it used to be: Daft Punk, nostalgia, and musical conservatism

That kind of racism just ain’t for us: Lorde’s ‘Royals’ and offence criticism

The slaughter to come: reading and watching The Counselor

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Banger: Part 5

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Banger: Part 4

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Banger: Part 3

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Banger: Part 2

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Banger: Part 1

Worst. Review. Ever: On the pillorying of Jessica Andrews

Meet Me on the Desertshore

Claustrophobic and Bittersweet: Tristesse Contemporaine and The Music From the Balconies Nearby Was Overlaid by the Noise of Sporadic Acts of Violence

Rendering unto Caesar: Dirty Projectors’ Swing Lo Magellan

‘It’s a natural fact that it’s good to be gay!’: Strong Love: Songs of Gay Liberation 1972–1981

Unreal Love: The Magnetic Fields’ Love at the Bottom of the Sea

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