We are delighted to announce the contributors to our second print anthology of short stories, New Australian Fiction 2020.

‘The reception to the inaugural New Australian Fiction surpassed our expectations,’ says KYD publishing director and series editor Rebecca Starford. ‘We sold out of our initial print run, the anthology and the wonderful writers within it garnered great review coverage, and we received terrific feedback from our readers. Clearly there’s a genuine hunger for diverse Australian stories, and I’m delighted to return with a new edition. These stories—which come from writers all around Australia—explore how characters respond to some of the most intriguing and urgent issues of our time, including genetic experimentation, nuclear fallout, and ongoing and destructive white-settler colonialism. These are also stories about human connection, finding empathy with the natural environment and each other, and the enduring spirit of our society.’


  • Maame Blue
  • Claire G. Coleman
  • Elizabeth Flux
  • Katerina Gibson
  • Jack Kirne
  • Daria Lebedyeva
  • Donna Mazza
  • Laura McPhee-Browne
  • Sophie Overett
  • KA Rees
  • Mirandi Riwoe
  • Mykaela Saunders
  • Laura Stortenbeker
  • Jessie Tu
  • Jack Vening
  • Madeleine Watts

We’re also thrilled to present the beautiful cover of New Australian Fiction 2020, designed by Alissa Dinallo.

New Australian Fiction 2020

New Australian Fiction 2020 will be in bookstores on Tuesday 1 September. You can order the 2020 edition here, or get your hands on a copy of the 2019 edition here.