We know how good longform journalism can be, and we also know that there is increasingly shrinking space for writers to go to the depths. We are incredibly proud that the KYD Copyright Agency Investigative Journalism Mentorship allowed three writers space to breathe and, ultimately, pursue such diverse topics at length. And now you can explore these important works for free, and discover the most commanding new voices in extended reporting.

In Beneath the Surface: The Battle for Hearts, Minds and the Great Barrier Reef, Canberra journalist Daniel Burdon examines the fragile future of one of Australia’s most prized natural attractions. In this meticulously researched essay, Daniel takes us from snorkelling the depths of the Great Barrier Reef, to the ever-expanding ports of Abbot Point and Gladstone that threaten the safety of our reef. Released on Monday 2nd February.

Australia has always been a drinking nation; it’s part of our identity. So why has there been a sudden and fatal rise in the occurrence of alcohol-related attacks? ‘Coward punches’ and ‘king hits’ have put young men in medical rehabilitation for months, in jail for up to 18 years, and some have even lost their lives. In her essay Lockup or Lockout: The NSW Government’s Response to Alcohol-Related Violence released on Tuesday 3rd February, Alexandra Potter takes to Sydney’s streets to examine the contributing factors that lead to this violence.

When the story broke that the Holden factory would close in 2017 it made national headlines. Released on Wednesday 4th February, Royce Kurmelovs looks at the closure of the Holden factory in his essay Petrol, Sweat and Whiskey: What Killing the Car Industry Means for Adelaide’s Working Class North. Along with the military, the mines and the trades, the Holden plant was one of the top four sources of employment for people from Adelaide’s north. Royce examines the effects of this closure on the people from these communities.

Thanks go to the Copyright Agency for partnering with us to present this opportunity; to Gideon Haigh for providing mentorship and guidance; and, of course, to the three journalists who have produced these incredible works.

Brigid Mullane
Editor, Kill Your Darlings


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