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beyoncebrunswickPossum ALLEGEDLY gorges self on bakery treats, is thwarted by own tiny belly.

If you have the internet you’ll know that Her Holiness Beyonce was in Brunswick yesterday. It was basically the best thing that has ever happened to any suburb of Melbourne and our community is celebrating the only way it knows how—by making tumblrs.

You do look like your dog, and cat people are more neurotic, but are scientifically more awesome (probably).

What would you call a newly discovered galaxy? z8_GND_5296? No? Well then you’re wrong.

Halloween ideas for the Hunger Games fan.

An image macro of Sir Patrick Stewart speaking about using his privilege to fight oppression has been doing the rounds on the internet, so let’s celebrate all the other things that make this man great.

Be careful when sending those email attachments, folks.

Tips on how to write good YA fiction. Ya gotta use hip jiggety kewl word-stylez, YOLO?

Art school student is going to lose his virginity in a ‘once-in-a-lifetime performance’ and will take Q&A afterwards to see if his partner’s attitude towards him has changed.

Daniel Radcliffe is in a soon-to-be-released film about us, Kill Your Darlings! But why does he keep talking about Ginsberg? Weird!

Happy Friday x