06.08.15 — Books & WritingEliza Henry-Jones

On Being An Expert: Eliza Henry-Jones on writing fiction


12.05.15 — Books & WritingNathan Smith

On Journals: Private writing in the age of the overshare


04.05.15 — Books & WritingGerard Elson

Dissolving Into Humanity: An interview with A.S. Patric


30.03.15 — Books & WritingAngela Meyer

Spark, flow, sigh: The erotics of body and mind


06.03.15 — Books & WritingEliza Henry-Jones

A Murky Business: On being a writer

swimming pool

10.10.13 — Books & WritingMelanie Joosten

On reading

Books and Writing

05.09.13 — Books & WritingPepi Ronalds

Commerce, compromise and the business of writing

Benjamin Lichtenstein, Catch Part 1 & 2, 45 x 35cm, 2012. From 'Cereal Dust' at Neospace

13.06.13 — Art & DesignBelle Place

Art in the writer’s room


20.05.13 — Interviews

Follow the paper trail: Q&A with Sofija Stefanovic and Lorelei Vashti

Burial Rites

02.04.13 — NewsKill Your Darlings

KYD No. 13 Teaser: “Keep Calm and Carry On”: An Unexpected Path to Publication

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12.02.13 — Media & PublishingChad Parkhill

Worst. Review. Ever: On the pillorying of Jessica Andrews

Whisky charlie foxtrot picture

12.11.12 — Books & WritingS.A. Jones

Poster girl for persistence: Annabel Smith’s Whisky, Charlie, Foxtrot


08.11.12 — Books & WritingLaurie Steed

The subject of submission

GH The Office

02.07.12 — NewsKill Your Darlings

Issue Ten Teaser: Gideon Haigh’s ‘“You must go on, I can’t go on, I’ll go on”: Falling In and Out of Love with The Office


21.06.12 — Books & WritingSophie Benjamin

Public and private: On writing zines

Books and Writing

28.05.12 — Books & WritingS.A. Jones

The write skills

KYD Issue 9 Detail B

23.05.12 — Books & WritingRuby J Murray

On Writing: Ruby Murray

Books and Writing

14.05.12 — Books & WritingLaurie Steed

You belong here: an unofficial history of the Emerging Writers’ Festival

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