29.09.15 — Books & WritingKill Your Darlings

October Kill Your Darlings First Book Club: Sonja Dechian’s An Astronaut’s Life


22.08.14 — Books & WritingVeronica Sullivan

Sympathy for the devil: Helen Garner on This House of Grief


11.08.14 — Books & WritingS.A. Jones

‘Weather is never just weather’: Sophie Cunningham’s Warning: The Story of Cyclone Tracy


04.07.14 — Books & WritingKill Your Darlings

July Kill Your Darlings First Book Club: Jock Serong’s Quota


24.06.14 — Books & WritingJock Serong

July First Book Club: Read an excerpt from Jock Serong’s Quota


11.02.14 — Books & WritingDanielle Binks

Let’s talk about Speak

Eimear McBride

13.12.13 — Books & WritingVeronica Sullivan

Turning language on itself: an interview with Eimear McBride

Ben Schott

03.12.13 — Books & WritingBelle Place

Without joint or seam: the pleasures of unstitching Schottenfreude


02.08.11 — Interviews

Excerpt: Kill Your Darlings in conversation with Ron Rash

28.01.11 — News

Readings ebookshop launched

25.08.10 — Books & Writing

Wagers and half-lives: Charles D’Ambrosio’s Dead Fish Museum

09.08.10 — Interviews

Leanne Hall: “You can tell a story in so many different ways”


12.05.10 — Books & WritingAnna Barnes

In defence of the slut: Emily Maguire’s Your Skirt’s Too Short

03.05.10 — News

Kill Your Darlings Literary Trivia Night (Melbourne)

31.03.10 — Books & Writing

Possibility and powerlessness: Andrew Porter’s The Theory of Light and Matter [review]

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