21.09.15 — Books & WritingJames Tierney

The Cry of Its Occasion: Fiona Wright’s Small Acts of Disappearance


05.05.15 — Books & WritingRochelle Siemienowicz

A Bride Stripped Bare: A writer gets naked on the path from novel to memoir

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28.04.15 — Books & WritingRebecca Starford

‘You’re the least important person in the room’: Memoir and Bad Behaviour

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24.04.15 — Books & WritingRebecca Starford

April First Book Club: Read an excerpt from Rebecca Starford’s Bad Behaviour

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31.03.15 — Books & WritingKill Your Darlings

April Kill Your Darlings First Book Club: Rebecca Starford’s Bad Behaviour


28.10.14 — Books & WritingNathan Smith

These kinds of girls: The feminist essays of Roxane Gay and Lena Dunham


26.09.14 — Books & WritingLou Heinrich

Oversharing is caring: the rise of twenty-something memoir

The Fictional Woman

30.07.14 — Books & WritingCarody Culver

Learning from semi-charmed lives

Bed_Robert Banh

16.04.14 — NewsKate Larsen

KYD No.17 teaser: ‘Read What You Know: The Comfort of the Familiar’

Grandma photoshop

12.03.14 — MusicChad Parkhill

Singing out

On My Knees

17.09.13 — Books & WritingRebecca Howden

A stylish provocateur: Periel Aschenbrand’s On My Knees

out of shape

30.05.13 — Books & WritingMel Campbell

Out of Shape


10.04.13 — InterviewsMelinda Harvey

Living and writing Asperger’s: An interview with Jo Case


25.07.12 — Books & WritingKill Your Darlings

Editors’ picks for July: An Uncommon Reader, Edward St Aubyn and Heat

Books and Writing

30.04.12 — Books & WritingCaroline Hamilton

Maps with words: memoirs of Melbourne

10.01.12 — Books & WritingChelsea McIver

Hanging out with television stars: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

Photograph: Samuel Rutter

10.10.11 — Travel

Notes from … Santiago


14.09.11 — Books & Writing — Hannah Francis

Personality takes the cake and eats it too: Marieke Hardy’s You’ll Be Sorry when I’m Dead

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