Books Roundup

KYD’s monthly column of new-release book reviews.

Books Reviews: Tell Her She’s Dreamin’, Stone Yard Devotional, Strangely Enough

Rosie Ofori WardLaura PettenuzzoAlan Vaarwerk

Book Reviews: Prima Facie, Edenglassie, I Don’t

Simon McDonaldRaelee LancasterEmily Westmoreland

Book Reviews: The Modern, Premonition, Gunflower

Rosie Ofori WardAnnie YoshidaGeorgia White

Book Reviews: Four Dogs Missing, Firelight, Something Bad is Going to Happen

Simon McDonaldKathryn Gledhill-TuckerLaura Pettenuzzo

Book Reviews: A Real Piece of Work, Serengotti, Pink Slime

Rosie Ofori WardGuido MeloSonia Nair

Book Reviews: Roseghetto, The Scope of Permissibility, Audition

Simon McDonaldMonikka EliahSeth Robinson

Book Reviews: After the Rain, Yellowface, Eta Draconis

Simon McDonaldMindy GillDuncan Strachan

Book Reviews: The Albatross, Anam, Greek Lessons

Rosie Ofori WardAnith MukherjeeAnnie Yoshida

Book Reviews: Fed to Red Birds, This is Not Miami, The Anniversary

Simon McDonaldGabriella MunozFiona Murphy

Book Covers: 'Smashing Serendipity' by Louise K. Hansen, 'Funny Ethnics' by Shirley Le, and 'Birnam Wood' by Eleanor Catton.

Book Reviews: Smashing Serendipity, Funny Ethnics, Birnam Wood

Rosie Ofori WardWhitney ChenLucinda Bain

Book Reviews: Crows Nest, Dazzling, The God of No Good

Simon McDonaldRafeif IsmailKatherine Matthews

Book Reviews: Tell Me Again, Men I Trust, The Glass House, The Lovers

Ellen CreganEloise GrillsMonique GrbecJumaana Abdu

Book Reviews: blackbirds don’t mate with starlings, Nothing to Hide, Gemini Falls, Limberlost

Ellen CreganDaley RangiDuncan StrachanRaeden Richardson

Book Reviews: Legitimate Sexpectations, Against Disappearance, Hopeless Kingdom, This Devastating Fever

Ellen CreganNasteho SaidRosie Ofori WardGeorgia Brough

Book Reviews: Everything Feels Like the End of the World, Every Version of You, Motherlands, Train Lord

Ellen CreganAlan VaarwerkGurmeet KaurWill Cox

Book Reviews: big beautiful female theory, Enclave, Holy Woman, Forty Nights

Ellen CreganAlexander Te PoheRebecca VarcoeAnith Mukherjee

Book Reviews: The EulogyHomesickness, This All Come Back Now, Basin

Ellen CreganDanny Sun BaulchBeau WindonBryant Apolonio

Book Reviews: How to Be Between, Root & Branch, Daisy & Woolf, Abomination

Ellen CreganDženana VucicLyn DickensLisa Emanuel

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