Teachers’ Edition: So You Want to Write?

A KYD Writers’ Workshop

Join KYD co-founders and published authors Hannah Kent and Rebecca Starford in this unique online writing course for students.

‘So You Want to Write?’ is a resource for teachers who want to not only teach creative writing to their students but who also wish to encourage their enthusiasm about reading and crafting fiction. It’s especially useful for teachers who’d like to help students who may be having some difficulties in beginning or maintaining a focused creative writing practice.

Through a series of writing exercises and key insights, this workshop will assist teachers with techniques to keep students motivated and disciplined, and how they can maintain a healthy and productive relationship with their writing.

The course will take 5-6 hours to teach in its entirety, but it is also designed to be dipped into: exercises can be pulled out to assist in lesson plans, quotes can be used to begin discussion points, and videos are designed to be screened directly to your students. We offer a wealth of material that may be taught in a number of ways at your convenience.

Students can use a notebook and pen, or a laptop to complete writing exercises. We also encourage you to use a timer for your students’ writing exercises. To broadcast the selected audio and video, we recommend connecting your computer to your school’s AV set-up.

KYD‘s online workshops are hosted on a platform called Teachable. To enrol in this workshop on Teachable please click here.

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KYD School Members receive a 10% discount on this course and all other KYD workshops. Become a member here, or contact [email protected] for more information.

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