Character & Plot with Hannah Kent and Rebecca Starford

Join KYD co-founders and published authors Hannah Kent and Rebecca Starford in this unique online writing course.

Characters are the beating heart of all stories, but what makes some characters more compelling than others? How do you create a unique voice for your narrator or protagonist? And how exactly do character and plot intersect? This workshop will introduce a variety of strategies that can be used to create well-developed, complex characters, as well as teach techniques and approaches to crafting compelling, engaging and original storylines.

Through a series of dynamic writing exercises and insights into the creative practice from your teachers, ‘Character & Plot’ is designed for those hoping to create authentic and unforgettable characters. Participants will learn how to balance action with characterisation, how to inject ‘movement’ into a scene, and how plot can open up a story and its characters to new and exciting possibilities.

The course is designed to take you 5-6 hours to complete, but can be accomplished in short stages, or at your convenience.

For more information, including how to sign up for this workshop, please click here.


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