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Become a KYD Member for 6 or 12 months and have full access to all past and present issues of the magazine online, as well as new premium member-only content published each week from 2017. Discounts for students using a school or tertiary email account. Gift Memberships also offered.

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Limited-Edition Prints

Now you can have your favourite KYD artwork hanging on the wall at home or in the office! For the first time, limited-edition prints of KYD artworks by illustrator Guy Shield are available to purchase direct from our website. Click the images below to see full details.

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Manuscript assessments

KYD Manuscript Assessments give writers honest and professional feedback from an experienced editor. We strive to assist you in making the work the best it can be – whether you wish to share the story with your friends or family, are planning to self-publish, or are intending to submit to a publisher or agent. All KYD members receive a 10% discount on all manuscript assessment services. Simply use the code ‘SUBSCRIBE10’ at checkout.

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