For our March First Book Club, Ellen Cregan sits down with Sam George-Allen to discuss her debut book ‘Witches: What Women Do Together’, recorded live at Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library on 27 March.


KYD Podcast: End of Year

Happy Holidays from the team at Kill Your Darlings! In this, our last podcast for 2017, we bring you our recommendations for the holiday season, Hera Lindsay Bird reading ‘Monica’, and the hosts of the Witch, Please podcast.

KYD Podcast: First Book Club Finale

November’s the end of the KYD First Book Club for 2017, so for this episode we take a look at the last two titles of the year, Lois Murphy’s ‘Soon’ and Rachel Leary’s ‘Bridget Crack’.

Critical Attention: Sonia Nair

In episode six, we chat to freelance writer and food critic Sonia Nair, who blogs about not following her food intolerances at Whatever Floats Your Bloat.

KYD Podcast: Writers Revolution

The KYD Podcast celebrates writers who speak out, on more than just the page. We chat to to the inimitable Joyce Carol Oates and Angie Thomas about writing, resistance and revolution.

Critical Attention: Alex Griffin

In episode five, we chat to writer, researcher and editor Alex Griffin about internet criticism, defamiliarising the everyday and how to be a critic who is also an academic.

Critical Attention: Matilda Dixon-Smith

KYD and The Rereaders present Critical Attention, a podcast series focusing on emerging critics. Every episode we profile new Australian critics working in a variety of artistic and cultural spaces. In episode four,… Read more

KYD Podcast: Reels, Rights & Reviews

It’s a few weeks post film festival here in Melbourne so we at Kill Your Darlings assume you’re over your film fatigue and are fit for another foray into the… Read more

Critical Attention: MIFF Critics Campus 2017

In this new episode of Critical Attention, presented by KYD and The Rereaders, we chat to the film critics of tomorrow about their experiences inside Critics Campus, the Melbourne International Film Festival’s week-long intensive critical incubator.

KYD Podcast: Coming of Age

It’s the 21st episode of the Kill Your Darlings Podcast – and while we’ve been fully formed for a while now, any excuse to speak to artists examining the highs and lows… Read more

KYD Podcast: Short Stories Emerge

We love short fiction, so we’re pretty thrilled to present three masters of the form, thanks to the Emerging Writers Festival: Elizabeth Flux, Melanie Cheng and Laura Elizabeth Woollett.

First Book Club: Jessica Friedmann reads from Things That Helped

Jessica Friedmann’s Things That Helped (Scribe) is the KYD First Book Club pick for May. In her collection, Jessica navigates post-partum depression following the birth of her son, touching on many other facets of her life along the way. Here she reads from the first chapter.

KYD Podcast: Dear Listener, From KYD

In this episode of the Kill Your Darlings Podcast we explore connections made through correspondence, and through the private made public. We speak to Jessica Friedmann about Things That Helped, hear how Angie Hart went from reluctant Women of Letters speaker to co-curator, and ask Alexandra Pierce about the multiple identities of Dr Alice Sheldon.

KYD Podcast: A Day in the Life

This month the KYD podcast pays tribute to the hundreds of small tasks and different skill sets that take each book from a writer’s manuscript to the copy in our hands. From publishers and marketers to librarians and more, we spend a day in the life of the books industry.

Critical Attention: Leena van Deventer and Dan Golding

KYD and The Rereaders’ new podcast series ‘Critical Attention’, focusing on emerging critics, continues as we talk videogames with Leena van Deventer and Dan Golding, the authors of Game Changers: From Minecraft to Misogyny, The Fight For The Future of Videogames.

KYD Podcast: Good Sport

The KYD Podcast kicks off 2017 with Angela Pippos discussing women in sport in Australia, before continuing with Kylie Maslen whose piece for Junkee finds more to appreciate in the AFLW than the gender of the players. Plus, we speak with Peter Polites, our March Book Club author, about his debut novel ‘Down the Hume’.

Critical Attention: Lauren Carroll Harris

KYD and The Rereaders are delighted to present a new podcast series, ‘Critical Attention’, focusing on emerging critics. Every month we will profile a new Australian critic, working in a different… Read more

Kill Your Darlings Podcast: Goodbye 2016

It’s time to wrap up this oh so interesting year, and what better way than to reflect on a few of the better things that happened? In this episode we gather holiday recommendations from the Kill Your Darlings team, speak with Eimear McBride about The Lesser Bohemians and A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing, and share some of Omar Sakr’s poetry with you all.

Kill Your Darlings Podcast: Days of Future Podcast

While some of us try to avoid thinking about the future, others spend their time asking ‘what if?’ and reporting back with the results. From Briohny Doyle, Marlee Jane Ward and Justin Cronin come three very different takes on how they construct their futuristic worlds, and why they choose to do so.

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