The Vanishing Half and Stateless

The Kill Your Darlings Podcast
The Kill Your Darlings Podcast
The Vanishing Half and Stateless

In this episode, the KYD team get together (remotely) to discuss Brit Bennett’s expansive, multi-generational saga The Vanishing Half (Dialogue Books), and the six-part ABC drama Stateless, which explores the overlapping stories of staff and detainees at an Australian immigration detention centre.

This month’s recommendations: 

Alan recommends Dark (Netflix)
• Alice recommends  Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland and Hunger (Stan)
• Hayley recommends the poetry collection Who Loves At All by Natalie Briggs.

Brit Bennett will be discussing The Vanishing Half on Sunday 15 August as part of the Melbourne Writer’s Festival.

Join us at MWF on 15 August to hear Alan discuss our New Australian Fiction 2020 anthology with Laura McPhee-Browne, Elizabeth Flux and Mirandi Riwoe!

Produced by Hayley May Bracken.

Theme music: Broke For Free, ‘Something Elated’.

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