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11.10.19 — Books & PublishingRuby Hamad

Shelf Reflection: Ruby Hamad shares her reading habits

10.10.19 — CultureCher Tan

Museum of the Self: Authenticity and The Social Photo

09.10.19 — New FictionAnna Krien

Extract: Anna Krien’s Act of Grace

07.10.19 — EssaysDrew Rooke

Growth Industry: Native Foods and White Australia

04.10.19 — Books & PublishingEllen CreganFreya HowarthElizabeth Flux

Books Roundup: White Tears/Brown Scars, The Testaments, Viva La Novella 2019

30.09.19 — EssaysSam van Zweden

KYDUMA Shortlist: Eating With My Mouth Open

30.09.19 — New FictionMatt Millikan

KYDUMA Shortlist: This American Carnage

30.09.19 — New FictionShelley Burr

KYDUMA Shortlist: Wake

30.09.19 — New FictionLisa Emanuel

KYDUMA Shortlist: The Covered Wife

30.09.19 — New FictionRebecca Starford

Seeking Comfort, Finding Strength: Introducing New Australian Fiction

26.09.19 — CultureKill Your Darlings

KYD Recommends: Staff and contributors share their September picks

25.09.19 — Books & PublishingYumna Kassab

Dressing Down the Words: Minimalism and Truth in The House of Youssef

24.09.19 — InterviewsChris Fleming

Show Your Working: Chris Fleming shares his writing routine

23.09.19 — NewsKill Your Darlings

The 2020 KYD New Critic Award is now open!

23.09.19 — New FictionClaire Collie

Species Loneliness: Five Vignettes

19.09.19 — Books & PublishingLaura Wynne

Calm or Hollow, Hard to Say: Millennial Fiction’s Existential Crises

16.09.19 — EssaysLéa Antigny

The Ongoing Eroticism of Spring

12.09.19 — InterviewsOliver Reeson

Daniel Mallory Ortberg on Trans Masculinity, Privilege, Channing Tatum and More

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