Can I set up an auto-renewal for my KYD membership?

Yes. All KYD memberships are set up at the time of purchase to automatically renew at the end of the subscription cycle. You can cancel this auto-renewal, however, at any time (see ‘How do I disable my auto-renewal for my KYD membership?’ below).

How do I disable my auto-renewal for my KYD membership?

It’s very easy to disable your auto-renewal to KYD and this can be done at any time. Simply log in to your KYD account and change your billing details. You can also email [email protected] and we can do it for you.

We send several courtesy reminders closer to the time of auto-renewal before the funds are deducted from your account. If you have opted out of auto-renewal, we will also send you reminders that your subscription is due for renewal so you don’t miss out on continuing your subscription. 

Can I order a gift subscription to KYD?

Yes, gift subscriptions can be ordered via our website. Simply click on the ‘This is a Gift’ option on the purchase page and follow the prompts.

How does my KYD Membership work?

The KYD publishing model has changed slightly in 2017. Instead of four quarterly editions throughout the year, we now publish new, member-only curated content weekly. We will send members an email each Monday morning with links to these articles, which you can access by logging into the website. This new publishing model means you can read twice as much original content, representing the best possible value for money for our members.

As well as having exclusive access to premium content, KYD Members are eligible for other incentives including:

• Full access to the complete KYD digital archive
• Automatic entry to members-only giveaways
• Free entry to the KYD Unpublished Manuscript Award and the KYD New Critic Award (valued at $20 respectively)
• 10% discounts on all tickets to KYD Writers’ Workshops
• 10% discounts on all KYD manuscript and short story assessments
• Invitations to members-only events and parties
• Priority reading of all fiction submissions

How do I access my membership discount code?

When you purchase a KYD membership, you will be automatically sent a confirmation email that includes your discount code. This code gives you a 10% discount in our shop, as well as any purchases of online workshops via the Teachable platform. Please use this same code in the Teachable shopping cart.

KYD regularly sends around reminders of the discount code to our members. If you have forgotten your code, please email: [email protected].


What is the paywall access on the KYD website?

You can read a selection of four free articles each month curated by the KYD editors. Thereafter, a membership is needed to unlock access to articles and our extensive archive. To do this, you simply log in using your user name and password, which you established when first purchasing your membership, or you can become a member of KYD.

If you have an expired membership, you will no longer be able to sign in. If you renew your subscription, your login details will remain the same.

If you forget your login name, or password, please email [email protected] and we will set you up with new details.

Having login issues?

Occasionally our members may have problems logging into the KYD website. We suggest you follow the steps outlined below:

1. Log out and then log in
2. Request a new password be emailed to you
3. Click back in to log in and check your subscription status
4. If in private browsing mode, turn this off
5. Clear cookies
6. Try a different browser
7. If the problem occurs on a work computer, try logging in at home or on a different monitor
8. Disable any browser extensions

If the problem persists, please [email protected] and we will investigate for you.

How do I change my account details?

Kill Your Darlings requires all changes of address, or payment details, to be made by logging into your online account.

How can I access the KYD archive?

KYD has an archive of past editions, as well as a complete digital archive. To access these archives, you need to be a current member. Members have full access to all archives via the online login. Unfortunately we are unable to provide extracted articles to teachers or students. For all extract queries, please contact [email protected].


How do KYD Writing Workshops online work?

KYD now offers a range of online writing workshops. This service operates on the Teachable platform and can be accessed here. These workshops are self-directed and can be undertaken at any time at your convenience; these are not interactive courses with the teachers or other students. Teachers do not currently offer feedback on writers’ work in these courses. If you are interested in feedback on your writing, please visit our manuscript assessments page. All members receive a 10% discount on any online workshop purchases and manuscript assessments. Please use the same code you received upon becoming a member in the checkout.

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