09.04.18 — New FictionMyfanwy McDonald

The House

06.04.18 — New FictionLaurie Steed

First Book Club: Read an extract from Laurie Steed’s You Belong Here

23.03.18 — New FictionMichael Mohammed Ahmad

Extract: Michael Mohammed Ahmad’s The Lebs

15.03.18 — New FictionRebekah Clarkson

Valentine’s Day

08.03.18 — New FictionRobert Lukins

First Book Club: Read an extract from Robert Lukins’ The Everlasting Sunday

27.02.18 — New FictionLaura Elvery

Extract: Laura Elvery’s Trick of the Light

19.02.18 — New FictionEllena Savage

North of Eden

01.02.18 — New FictionHeather Morris

First Book Club: Read an extract from Heather Morris’s The Tattooist of Auschwitz

22.01.18 — New FictionKit Kavanagh-Ryan

Art Therapy: A story of love, memory and hospitals

04.12.17 — New FictionEmily O’Grady

The Wreck: A short story of grief, lust and rage

06.11.17 — New FictionLaura McPhee-Browne

In Bitter Dust: A story of isolation and menace in the Mallee

02.11.17 — New FictionLois Murphy

First Book Club: Read an extract from Lois Murphy’s Soon

13.10.17 — New FictionRachel Leary

First Book Club: Read an extract from Bridget Crack

09.10.17 — New FictionMelissa Goode

Dark, Still Water

25.09.17 — New FictionLouise Bassett

Rules To Live By

11.09.17 — New FictionMiranda Debeljakovic

Make Good Choices

29.08.17 — New FictionHarriet McKnight

Extract: Harriet McKnight’s Rain Birds

28.08.17 — New FictionOnyx B Carmine


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