16.08.19 — InterviewsRuby J Murray

Show Your Working: Ruby J Murray shares her writing routine

07.08.19 — InterviewsAlice Cottrell

'A Core Dysfunction in Our Society': Jess Hill on Power, Control and Domestic Abuse

06.08.19 — InterviewsNina Kenwood

Shelf Reflection: Nina Kenwood shares her bookshelves and reading habits

24.07.19 — InterviewsAlice Cottrell

‘A Very Misplaced Nostalgia’: Lydia Kiesling on US Politics and Motherhood

12.07.19 — InterviewsJamie Marina Lau

Show Your Working: Jamie Marina Lau shares her writing routine

14.06.19 — InterviewsRobbie Arnott

Show Your Working: Robbie Arnott shares his writing routine

26.04.19 — InterviewsKill Your Darlings

'Mistakes are what make zines beautiful': Q&A with Bastian Fox Phelan

24.04.19 — InterviewsAva Amedi

‘I’m Still Very Enchanted by the Visual’: Conversation with Alexander Chee

17.04.19 — InterviewsAlan Vaarwerk

‘A Sensuous Kind of Destruction’: Conversation with Ling Ma

15.04.19 — InterviewsAlice Cottrell

‘What Does It Mean To Write a Contemporary Novel?’: A Conversation with Rachel Kushner

25.03.19 — InterviewsElizabeth Flux

‘The Zombies are Scary, But They’re Not the Big Baddies’: Conversation with Alison Evans

12.03.19 — InterviewsAlice Cottrell

My Sister, the Serial Killer: A Conversation with Oyinkan Braithwaite

07.02.19 — InterviewsJ.P. Pomare

Shelf Reflection: J.P. Pomare

31.10.18 — InterviewsChris Saliba

'It’s Quite Calm in the Eye of the Storm': Conversation with Gillian Triggs

15.10.18 — InterviewsAlice Cottrell

Chloe Hooper on Social Dysfunction, Climate Change and The Arsonist

12.10.18 — InterviewsMadeleine Dore

Extraordinary Lessons: Reflections on Writing and Routine

10.09.18 — InterviewsMatilda Dixon-Smith

‘My Politics – It’s Not a Brand’: Conversation with Zoë Coombs Marr

27.08.18 — InterviewsAlice Cottrell

Race, Feminism and Politics: A Conversation with Sisonke Msimang

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