07.02.19 — InterviewsShelf Reflection: J.P. Pomare

Shelf Reflection: J.P. Pomare

31.10.18 — InterviewsConversation with Gillian Triggs

'It’s Quite Calm in the Eye of the Storm': Conversation with Gillian Triggs

15.10.18 — InterviewsConversation with Chloe Hooper

'There’s a Social Obligation to Look at this Squarely': Conversation with Chloe Hooper

12.10.18 — InterviewsExtraordinary Lessons

Extraordinary Lessons: Reflections on Writing and Routine

10.09.18 — InterviewsConversation with Zoë Coombs Marr

‘My Politics – It’s Not a Brand’: Conversation with Zoë Coombs Marr

27.08.18 — InterviewsConversation with Sisonke Msimang

'I Feel Like there’s a Different Way of Talking about Race': Conversation with Sisonke Msimang

17.08.18 — InterviewsExtraordinary Routines: Marieke Hardy

Extraordinary Routines: Marieke Hardy

05.07.18 — InterviewsExtraordinary Routines: Michelle Law

Extraordinary Routines: Michelle Law

04.06.18 — Books & PublishingBurden of Proof: Bri Lee’s ‘Eggshell Skull’

Burden of Proof: Bri Lee's Eggshell Skull

01.06.18 — InterviewsExtraordinary Routines: Justin Heazlewood

Extraordinary Routines: Justin Heazlewood

28.05.18 — InterviewsConversation with Robert Webb

'You Don’t Want to Let the Side Down': Conversation with Robert Webb

27.04.18 — InterviewsExtraordinary Routines: Jamila Rizvi

Extraordinary Routines: Jamila Rizvi

21.03.18 — Books & Publishing‘What is the us, and what is the them?’: Conversation with Patricia Lockwood

'What is the us, and what is the them?': Conversation with Patricia Lockwood

05.03.18 — Interviews‘Things you wouldn’t say to a stranger’: Conversation with Maddie Rice

'Things you wouldn't say to a stranger': Conversation with Fleabag’s Maddie Rice

27.11.17 — InterviewsDreams Worth Trying For: Conversation with Jenny Zhang

Dreams Worth Trying For: Conversation with Jenny Zhang

23.11.17 — InterviewsExtraordinary Routines: Robert Dessaix

Extraordinary Routines: Robert Dessaix

14.11.17 — InterviewsMemoir at Any Age: Richard Fidler

Memoir at Any Age: Richard Fidler

06.11.17 — Interviews‘An Inspiring Town’: Conversation with Claire Aman

‘An inspiring town’: Conversation with Claire Aman

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