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20.01.20 — Books & PublishingJasmin McGaughey

Why Australian YA Needs More Torres Strait Islander Writing

18.11.19 — Books & PublishingMatt Okine

First Book Club: Seven Tips To Help You Write Anything

08.11.19 — Books & PublishingFavel Parrett

Show Your Working: Favel Parrett shares her writing routine

06.11.19 — Books & PublishingEllen CreganGeorgia BroughNathania Gilson

Books Roundup: Being Black 'n Chicken & ChipsThe Weekend, In This Desert There Were Seeds

11.10.19 — Books & PublishingRuby Hamad

Shelf Reflection: Ruby Hamad shares her reading habits

04.10.19 — Books & PublishingEllen CreganFreya HowarthElizabeth Flux

Books Roundup: White Tears/Brown Scars, The Testaments, Viva La Novella 2019

25.09.19 — Books & PublishingYumna Kassab

Dressing Down the Words: Minimalism and Truth in The House of Youssef

19.09.19 — Books & PublishingLaura Wynne

Calm or Hollow, Hard to Say: Millennial Fiction’s Existential Crises

11.09.19 — Books & PublishingYumna Kassab

Shelf Reflection: Yumna Kassab shares her reading habits

06.09.19 — Books & PublishingEllen CreganKylie MaslenChloë Cooper

Books Roundup: The House of Youssef, Pills, Powder and Smoke, Meet me at Lennon's

09.08.19 — Books & PublishingEllen CreganChad ParkhillFernanda Dahlstrom

Books Roundup: 'It Sounded Better in My Head', 'Growing Up Queer in Australia', 'From Here On, Monsters'

05.07.19 — Books & PublishingEllen CreganSam van ZwedenJackie Tang

Books Roundup: A Constant Hum, The White Girl, Dry Milk

04.07.19 — Books & PublishingAlice Bishop

Shelf Reflection: Alice Bishop shares her bookshelves and reading habits

12.06.19 — Books & PublishingElizabeth Kuiper

Shelf Reflection: Elizabeth Kuiper shares her bookshelves and reading habits

07.06.19 — Books & PublishingEllen CreganKylie MaslenElizabeth Flux

Books Roundup: Little Stones, Maybe You Should Talk To Someone, Sweatshop Women

06.06.19 — Books & PublishingAshley Kalagian Blunt

Writing Violence, Arousing Curiosity: Researching the Armenian genocide

05.06.19 — Books & PublishingCher Tan

Idle Minds: Jenny Odell's How To Do Nothing

15.05.19 — Books & PublishingClare Millar

Something Special: Specialist Bookselling in Australia

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