We’re thrilled to announce the contributors to our third print anthology of short stories, New Australian Fiction 2021.

‘When New Australian Fiction 2020 went to print, we were only just beginning to understand the effects of COVID-19 on Australian society and the world at large,’ says KYD publishing director and series editor Rebecca Starford. ‘How much has changed in a year! This new anthology is a collection of sixteen extraordinary stories, each of which seeks to find pathways to connecting with others in a world transformed by climate disaster, politics and technology, the ongoing fight for First Nations and LGBTQIA+ people’s rights, along with the personal trials bound up in family and relationships. And while the pandemic isn’t always written into all these stories, they are each in their own way responding to how we continue to adapt to our changed lives, and what it means to live with and love others. KYD received over 500 submissions to the call-out, and I’m delighted to be showcasing these talented writers from across Australia, some of whom make their publishing debut in this anthology.’


  • Bryant Apolonio
  • Alice Bishop
  • Lauren Aimee Curtis
  • Brooke Dunnell
  • Ashley Goldberg
  • Eliza Henry-Jones
  • Scott Limbrick
  • Anith Mukherjee
  • James Noonan
  • Morgan Nunan
  • Emily O’Grady
  • Daley Rangi
  • Mykaela Saunders
  • Ben Walter
  • Georgia White
  • Laura Elizabeth Woollett

Alissa Dinallo designed the beautiful cover.

New Australian Fiction 2021 will be in bookstores on Wednesday 1 September. You can pre-order the 2021 edition here, or get your hands on a copy of the 2020 edition here.