The Kill Your Darlings team wish all of our readers and friends a joyous and relaxing festive season. We’re taking a break from publishing over the holiday period – we’ll be back on 21 January all set for another year of great Australian writing. Our office will be closed until 14 January 2019 – if you wish to contact us during this time, email [email protected] and we’ll respond when we can.

To help tide you over, we’ve crunched the numbers and unlocked some of our most popular articles of 2018, in no particular order:

If I Could Eat Avocado Toast, I’d be Able to Afford a House By Now — Fiona Wright on the hidden costs of Australia’s mental healthcare system

Queer, I: Rebecca Shaw on the Queer Eye reboot and the joys of unashamedly queer culture

Too Pure For This World: Mel Campbell on authenticity, innocence and internet culture

Not All Books Are Created Equal: Samantha Forge on the value of local booksellers to the publishing ecosystem

Mothers Inside: Fernanda Dahlstrom on women and the prison-industrial complex

Making Waves: Sophie Cunningham on six years of the Stella Prize

History in the Making: Jane Howard on how podcasts documented and shaped the Irish abortion referendum.

Plus, revisit all our fantastic State and Territory Showcases from throughout the year – and don’t forget to check out the KYD team’s Best of 2018 and Summer Reads & Recommendations podcast if you need further inspiration.

See you in 2019!