Illustration: Guy Shield

Want to polish up your writing craft? The KYD Writers’ Workshop offers a fantastic range of online Writers’ Workshops for all genres and experience levels – you can also bundle them together and save!

Writing Historical Fiction with Hannah Kent is designed for anyone with an idea for a novel based on true events or a wish to produce a work of fiction set in the past. Through a series of writing exercises and insights into the creative practice of developing a work of historical fiction, this workshop will teach you where to find research materials, what to look for in historical records, and will review the components that make up a manuscript (such as character, plot, dialogue, place and structure) within the context of the genre.

Introduction to Memoir with Rebecca Starford is designed for writers who would like to develop a deeply personal creative project – whether it be autobiography, family history, memoir or essays – and are starting to think about where such a manuscript might be published. Participants will come away with memory prompts, techniques to create narrative around disparate life experiences, and advice to tackle thorny questions around legality and ethics.

Getting Published is our popular industry-insider workshop. This workshop, run by Hannah Kent and Rebecca Starford, explores the crucial process of redrafting your manuscript, and then offers insider advice on how and where to submit your work when it’s ready. This is a workshop of dynamic writing exercises, including techniques to make your work shine, along with information on pitches, cover letters and crafting the perfect synopsis.

So You Want To Write is a motivational workshop for writers of all levels. This workshop, run by Hannah Kent and Rebecca Starford, is designed to instil confidence in writers and give them a renewed understanding of what is required to begin, continue or complete a writing project. Participants will come away with strategies to manage tendencies towards procrastination and self-doubt, and suggestions to assist and encourage creativity.

Introduction to Writing Young Adult Fiction with Margot McGovern is designed to help writers discover and develop an appropriate mindset for Young Adult fiction by exploring what makes a story ‘YA’, what responsibilities must be considered when writing for teen readers, elements of craft, and importantly, how to connect with the wider YA community. Through practical exercises and insights into the creative practice of developing a YA narrative, this workshop will equip writers with skills to create compelling narrative voices, dynamic characters and engaging plots, and provide them with resources to assist through all stages of the writing process.

Writing Speculative Short Stories with Lisa L. Hannett explores the essential elements of speculative fiction — such as strong world-building, engaging characters with unique voices, inventive plots, and captivating narrative structures — in order to help you to craft sharp and striking short stories within this thriving field of literature. Whether you are absolutely new to the genre, or you already have a few publications under your belt, this workshop will offer relevant tips and exercises aimed to refine your writing style, to help you convey strange settings and situations without info-dumping, and to strengthen the shape of your stories so that readers are hooked right from the very first paragraph.

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