Next year, Kill Your Darlings will celebrate its 10th birthday. In 2009 Hannah Kent and Rebecca Starford launched KYD with a mission to shake up the literary landscape. They wanted to create a magazine driven by strong editorial values, one that didn’t discriminate between high- and low-brow culture, a magazine that published energetic work by emerging writers. Nearly 10 years later, KYD is one of Australia’s most eminent cultural publications.

Here are some stats that make us very proud. In 10 years we have:

  • Published over 500 writers
  • Reached over 900,000 readers
  • Published 29 print journals
  • Published over 100 interviews
  • Published writers from every state and territory in Australia
  • Launched 2 writing prizes
  • Donated over $20,000 in prize money
  • Recorded 36 podcast episodes
  • Featured 35 books in our First Book Club
  • Hosted over 50 events

KYD is proudly independent. We are a small team who think big, but we do operate on very tight budgets. In the often-precarious world of independent publishing and arts funding, maintaining KYD’s financial security can be a challenge.

We’re asking for your help to ensure we can continue supporting emerging writers for another 10 years.

Please see our Pozible campaign page for some truly amazing rewards that have been generously donated by the contributors, publishers, institutions and festivals we love.

Thank you!