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Image: Peggy Sirota, GQ

Image: Peggy Sirota, GQ

‘When Dwayne Johnson meets you (and I can assure you, he would love to), the first thing he will do is ask you six thousand questions about yourself, and remember the answers forever.’ Caity Weaver’s fantastic GQ profile of The Rock has been getting us through the week.

All this week the Lifted Brow has been publishing commentary pieces that explore women’s experience in sporting culture – Katerina Bryant’s piece on the emotional labour of playing chess as a woman is a particular highlight.

Everyone needs a hobby, and for King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, it’s casually jumping into the cockpit of the country’s commercial airline. As you do.

In the Guardian, a beautiful and heartfelt piece by Hadley Freeman exploring the way women are expected to talk and not talk about miscarriage.

‘Doing things that are scary is important for me because if I face cancer one day, I’m not going into that fight without solid training.’ Probably one of the most life-affirming articles about cancer you’ll ever read.

It’s pretty easy to laugh at Donald Trump – so easy, in fact, that you can do it without throwing LGBTI people under the bus. On SBS Comedy, Ben McLeay gives some handy advice.

‘Don’t get pimply before a trial. It’s a sign of stress. They’ll think you’re lying.’ In Catapult, a new short story by Alicia Oltuski

‘I’m so bored of watching Nicole Kidman strangle her historically accurate children to death’: The inimitable Hera Lindsay Bird on Horror Movies.

And last but not least, please enjoy this very good video of a seal: