Has Associated Press trumped Trump? We’ll let you decide with this rambling and largely nonsensical interview transcript published earlier this week. If you don’t have the time (or inclination) to read over 7000 (mostly monosyllabic) words, Mashable has deciphered Trump’s ‘word-salad’ for easy consumption and it’s a great thing – really, great.

‘I am deeply suspicious of men who profess a profound love for Bret Easton Ellis, Christopher Hitchens, Hunter S Thompson, any Beat poet (but especially Kerouac) and, to a lesser extent, Hemingway.’ In the Guardian, Alexandra Spring explores the books endear us to others – and those that don’t.

Q: What do you call a common but previously undocumented atmospheric phenomenon associated with an aurora?

A: Steve. (Yes, that’s right. Steve.)

And finally, the global March for Science made headlines this week around the world, so here’s wrap up of some very clever signs from that landmark event.