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Image: TriStar Pictures

Image: TriStar Pictures

The Wheeler Centre’s annual Gala Night of Storytelling is on again this weekend featuring ‘Stories of the Dead’. From ghosts and spirits to life and loss, hear what death means to people across different cultures.

Also this weekend, a bunch of glorious women write and share ‘A Letter To The Thing I Couldn’t Wait For’ in Women of Letters (part sixty-six in a series).

T2: Trainspotting opened this week amid much fanfare and general excitement, twenty-one years after the ’90s cult classic shocked and thrilled a (now middle-aged) generation. Will it live up to the hype? The ABC’s Jason Di Rosso thinks so.

SBS and NITV have created a magical interactive animation to highlight the vulnerability of Indigenous languages in Australia. My Grandmother’s Lingo is Angelina Joshua’s story of determination and passion to preserve the Marra language of her community.

With news this week of the discovery of seven (yes, SEVEN) Earth-sized planets orbiting a nearby star, we cast our minds skyward to bring you Stuff in Space – a real-time interactive map of all the objects in Earth’s orbit. Wow, it’s busy up there.

The 2017 Kat Muscat Fellowship has been awarded to Melbourne writer and poet Fury, who will use the fellowship to complete a play investigating the relationship between lesbians and gay men during the early AIDS crisis. Congratulations Fury!

And congratulations to our very own Hannah Kent, whose novel The Good People has been longlisted for this year’s Walter Scott Prize for historical fiction!