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Image courtesy of RMIT

The 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival program is live!

The Moth Melbourne StorySLAM on March 6 has already sold out, but there are limited tickets on the door if you’re quick. This month’s theme is ‘fresh’ and the brief is to share the crispest and cleanest of life’s offerings in five short minutes. If you’re game, have a look at the guidelines and tell your story.

Big Word of Mouth, Geelong’s answer to The Moth, kicked of this week with stories of love to tie in with Valentine’s Day. The new monthly live-storytelling event will feature the usual stand-up slam from the audience before a trio of prominent media personalities takes the stage for a session called ‘Pants on Fire’.

As part of White Night Melbourne, RMIT is hosting Story Wall, a series of curated animations of narrative works and abstract expressions inspired by the early twentieth-century façade of the School of Art building.

And, the distraction (or amusement?) that keeps on giving, Donald Trump has done it again. This week, it was his serial use of CAPSLOCK and exclamation marks (!), typos that ‘a 5th-grader would’ve have spotted’, and Big D learning his ABC that caught our attention. ENJOY!

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