Here at KYD HQ we’re busily preparing for 2017, which is shaping up to be a big year for our magazine. It will see our transition to an exciting digital-only publishing program, in which will publish original content on our website each day, supporting twice as many Australian writers and offering the highest quality commentary, essays and reviews on Australian culture and society for you, our valued readers.

In advance of 2017, we’re delighted to announce some new appointments to the KYD team. Our deputy editor, Ashleigh Hanson, will take on the newly created role of Fiction Editor in January. Ashleigh, who will be based in Europe next year, will seek to commission an increased number of new stories from established and emerging writers, so please stay tuned to our Write for KYD page for updates on how to submit your work for consideration.

Gerard Elson, currently working as our Interviews Editor, will transition to the new role of KYD Book Critic, in which he will write at length each month on new-release titles of fiction and non-fiction, as well as continue publishing his in-depth interviews with prominent local and international writers. We’re looking forward to featuring more of Gerard’s writing on the website.

We’re also thrilled that our current Contributing Editors Jane Howard and Rebecca Shaw will be continuing on with KYD in 2017, bringing more of their engaging critical writing on theatre and performing arts, and feminism, sexuality and pop culture respectively.

Joining Jane and Rebecca in 2017, we’re pleased to announce a third Contributing Editor, Samantha Forge, writing on arts policy. Samantha is a freelance writer and editor, and former deputy online editor at KYD – her articles on parallel importation  and literature funding have helped shape this important debate, and we’re excited to have Sam bringing her incisive analysis to an area of ever-increasing importance in Australian cultural life.

All these writers will commence their new roles from January next year – stay tuned for more exciting announcements about Kill Your Darlings in 2017!