KYD25-Crop06It is with gratitude and much sadness that we farewell our online editor extraordinaire, Veronica Sullivan.

Our beloved Ronnie has worked with Kill Your Darlings for three years now, and has managed our website since 2014 with tremendous skill and vision. Thanks to the dynamism, excellence and tenacity of her editorship, we have seen the KYD website transform over this time to become bigger and better than ever.

Veronica, in her expansive and tireless love and appreciation for the Australian literary community, has ensured that more writers than ever are publishing with KYD. She has continuously sought out diverse voices and perspectives from today’s brightest and most exciting authors, accepting pitches and commissioning writers from a wide variety of backgrounds and levels of experience, whilst consistently ensuring engaging content of the highest quality. Her style of editorship is to be greatly admired: inclusive, thorough, and deeply considerate.

Veronica’s determination to secure readerships for new and debut authors, and to increase engagement with and appreciation of their work, saw her regularly host Kill Your DarlingsFirst Book Club events with great warmth and aplomb. She has also worked incredibly hard to ensure that our Australian writers reach larger and more diverse online audiences that ever before. During Veronica’s editorship we have seen international interest in Kill Your Darlings skyrocket.

Ronnie’s departure is a great loss for us, but we look forward to seeing her star continue to soar as she takes on new endeavours. There is no doubt in our mind that she will go on to achieve great things. Ronnie, you will be missed!

As much as we will miss Ronnie, we are very excited that Alan Vaarwerk, who has been serving as Veronica’s deputy, will now takes her position as online editor. Alan has proved himself an exceptional editor, and we congratulate him on the new role.

 – Rebecca Starford and Hannah Kent, Publishing directors