Happy 21st to us! Released today, Kill Your Darlings Issue 21 is now available to purchase through our shop and subscribers can read it online right now – what are you waiting for?


In this jam-packed issue, Melanie Joosten examines the hidden housing crisis that is affecting Australia’s elderly; Michelle Roger explores the grief that surrounds living with a chronic illness; Kate Middleton wanders the backstreets of Panama City; Melissa Fagan goes Into the Wild; and Jack Colwell goes backstage with Tori Amos’ superfans. The issue also features new fiction from Omar Musa and Nathan Curnow, and an in-depth interview with Michel Faber, plus lots more!

You can view the contents in full here, and read Brigid Mullane’s editorial to get a taste of the issue.

Non-subscribers can check out some excerpts from the issue on Killings:

  • Melanie Joosten investigates how the Great Australian Dream is slipping through the hands of our most vulnerable.
  • Kate Middleton explores the backstreets of Panama City and asks what it means to be a tourist.
  • Michael Lindsey Davison looks at our desire to document our existence and the rise of the selfie-stick.

We’re incredibly proud of this issue, and we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do – go check it out! We’re off to drink cheap booze and pash someone inappropriate (that’s de rigueur for twenty-firsts, right?)!

Happy reading!