OMAR MUSA-Performance poet, hip hop artist and author Omar Musa brings us Here Come the Dogs, a ground-breaking and revelatory glimpse inside the world of suburban, multicultural Australia, delivered in the rich, unflinching language of the streets.

At the Kill Your Darlings First Book Club event in October, Omar Musa will discuss his path to publication and the inspiration behind his beautifully crafted debut novel, which combines verse and prose with breathtaking poeticism and explores themes of powerlessness, ethnicity and masculinity.

Musa will be in conversation with Kill Your Darlings’ Online Editor Veronica Sullivan, followed by audience Q&A and book signing. Complimentary drinks will be provided by the Beer Gypsies.Here Come the Dogs Cover_

The First Book Club is free, but please RSVP to [email protected] to confirm your place.

Kill Your Darlings First Book Club: Here Come the Dogs
Wednesday October 8
6.30 for 7pm

Happy Valley: Design, Books, Art
294 Smith St
Collingwood 3066

Purchase Here Come the Dogs through Penguin Books.

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