By popular demand, the return of Amusements and Distractions – our selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us this week.

Last night Evie Wyld won the Miles Franklin Award for All The Birds, Singing. Read her in conversation with Naomi Wolf earlier this year for Dazed, discussing everyday sexism, SlutWalk, online porn and the challenges of contemporary feminism.

rs_300x300-140612073700-600.Jimmy-Fallon-Boney-Boo-Boo-Cheerleading.jl.061214Honey Boo Boo charmed Jimmy Fallon during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, but according to one audience member she was a ‘tiny, dimpled monster’.

Never underestimate the importance of good spelling and geography-related general knowledge.

Judy Blume is writing a new novel for adults. Perfect for all those angsty, sex-obsessed teens who became angsty, sex-obsessed adults!

iPhones should probably steer clear of Judy Blume, though, because they are scared of vaginas.

In the lead up to the second Pitch, Bitch day next Wednesday 2 July, freelance writer Amy Gray offers concrete advice and examples of successful pitches.

Happy Friday, darlings!