Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us.

Happy Winter Olympics! George Orwell did not approve of international sports competitions.

Zadie Smith has written an impassioned plea for the release of women refugees in UK detention centres, with some clear parallels to Australia.

The boom in creative writing courses is a CIA-driven, anti-Communist conspiracy.

Why do we think we need to drink 8 glasses of water per day? The forgotten feminist origins of our belief in H2O’s curative powers.

Kristen Stewart is a poet. We’ll just let her words speak for themselves.

A Sapeur, a member of La Sape movement, in Kinshasa

The world’s most fabulously dressed gentlemen are the Congolese Society for the Advancement of Elegant People.

Surely this forthcoming Dungeons & Dragons audiobook narrated by Ice-T will have vast crossover appeal?

Happy Friday!