Saved by the Bell

Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us.

Nelson Mandela has died at age 95. He was South Africa’s first black president and a great leader throughout his life.

Watch out for fake quotes following his death. Wouldn’t you hate to be the person whose quotes are misattributed to someone else?

Have you ever wondered if your cat knows or even cares who you are? I’m just glad that studies like this exist.

Not all people look the same, so it’s a bit weird that mannequins represent just one kind of body. (Spoiler: you might cry a bit watching this.)

Why would you build a house out of bricks when you could build it with the bones of your enemies or people you just kind of didn’t really like? Monks are super creepy (that’s the lesson I’m taking from this).

I had never really watched any Fast and/or Furious movies so to me Paul Walker was the guy from that show about prairie dogs. It turns out that the Porsche that he was in when it crashed was a known danger to drivers.

Have you been watching American Horror Story: Coven? Why haven’t you been watching American Horror Story: Coven?? Anyway, this post is about the last episode that was particularly ‘mom’ish.

Joan Didion is awesome and this is what we can learn from her about life and writing and stuff.

So, where are all those crazy cats from Saved by the Bell now? In porn, apparently.

Happy Friday!