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The latest internet celebrity is Scout, the adorable pit bull who can balance anything on his head.

It took long enough but someone has finally explored race and gender in Angry Birds.

Miley-Cyrus-AMAs-2013My feelings about Miley Cyrus’s track ‘Wrecking Ball’ pre-American Music Awards was, ‘eh.’ Post-AMAs, post-screensaver-singing-cat-background, well, I’ve only viewed it like seventeen times.

I suppose if you absolutely have to make an ad to promote your brand the best possible thing to do is to release a whole bunch of cats into a store.

These maps of imaginary places are wonderful.

You can read the first issue of Oni Press’ new comic, the sci-fi/political thriller Letter 44.

Opening an incognito window won’t save you now, the NSA spied on radical’s porn habits in order to discredit them.

Everyone knows that YouTube is the graveyard of souls where internet commenters go to die. It’s just so dramatic. Which is why it’s fitting that two English actors have been re-enacting classic YouTube fights.

Turns out Viagra doesn’t magically fix everything in your life. Sorry, guys :(

But to make you feel a bit better about that unfinished manuscript, most people don’t reach their creative peak until they’re about two-thirds through their life. I guess there is more time for one more cat video.

Happy Friday!