Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us. 

alqq balloonAmerica is the new Berlin, in the sense that everyone I know is currently there except they’re driving RVs now instead of bikes. If you are heading to the States, check out this handy offbeat museum guide.

And if you can’t afford the plane tickets you can just watch this lovely timelapse of Albuquerque’s ‘insane’ balloon festival.

I know what you’ve always been thinking about your pet: ‘Why have a dog when I can have a fancy cadaver dog.’ Why, indeed.

I scrolled through these images of abandoned toy factories going ‘Yep, yep, figured that, yep,’ until I got to the Island of the Dolls in Mexico City and took down decorating tips.

Remember DeviantART? I liked to call it Deviant Tart, but that’s just me. Anyway, this DA user has been busy re-imagining Disney characters as Grumpy Cat and it’s pretty sweet.

And these authors have re-imagined characters in other people’s classic books which I guess is just higher-profile fanfiction, really.

Belgian scientists have discovered a new human body part. Here’s hoping they make a commemorative chocolate version of it, too.

This blog post is titled How To Drink Like Dorothy Parker. I don’t even need to say anything more. Look at you, desperately clicking that link.

Happy Friday!