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bridesthrowingcatsNever worry about having a boring, archaic wedding again with Brides Throwing Cats!

Speaking of cats, have you ever noticed how they are such utter, utter jerks?

If you’ve ever gotten into a 5-hour conversation with me about Buffy you’ll know that ‘Conversations with Dead People’ is one of my favourite episodes of all time. It’s also in this list of the scariest TV episodes.

These wildlife photographs are amazing and award winning and can you believe that an 11-14 year old kid took the one of the gharial with its babies on its head?

How about these photos from on top of the Golden Gate Bridge, huh? Pretty great.

The myth of video games sans politics.

Remember that meme about the Serbian bachelor with the hair and the gilded bedroom? Turns out he’s actually an Icelandic man and leads a cult.

The new Pretty Reckless video involves Taylor Momsen licking stuff (how long is this madness going to last?) and standing around looking awkward. Also, guitar solos?

These are all the diseases you can get from licking stuff like sledgehammers, FYI.

HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT BAD LIP READING? The Joffrey and Sansa bit kills me. And the kitten meat. Just watch it okay.