Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us.

Remember that bit in Withnail and I where Danny sells the guys a contraption to help them pass urine tests after drink driving? Yeah well you can buy those complete with a fake penis. And an Italian athlete just actually tried to use one after a race in real life.

Some people think Canberra is a sleepy town where the only fun is found in hardcore pornography and fireworks. Not so.

Lightning striking the Grand Canyon, Arizona, America - 30 Aug 2This lightning over the Grand Canyon is bringing it.

Some guy on Twitter was trying to make it big in the comedy/internet/relevance game by plagiarising witty tweets from some of the biggest online gossip sites. Because that was never going to blow up spectacularly in his face.

Snoop Dogg has released a ‘smokeable songbook’. Each page is a giant rolling paper. It’s the practical, environmentally-friendly music fan’s #1 way to smoke drugs!

British retailers Asda and Tesco have apologised for selling ‘Psycho Ward’ fancy dress costumes because stigmatising the mentally ill did not immediately seem like a bad idea to them.

Welcome to Cat Island.

Krokodil, the drug popular in Russia that also happens to ROT HUMAN FLESH, has turned up in the United States. Ewwww.

Grand Theft Auto V was released last week and it’s already made over $1 billion. There are some pretty impressive glitch compilations coming out of the game too!

We’ve all met those sexist, Bukowski-obsessed boys at university, haven’t we. This guy is what happens when they grow up (but don’t grow up).

It is looking like Jennifer Lawrence will be in the film adaptation of KYD’s Publishing Director Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites. OMFG. JENNIFER LAWRENCE.

Happy Friday!