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Sometimes Breaking Bad characters are a little creepy, but now they’re creepy cute.

The fact that the term ‘coercive monetisation‘ exists is terrifying, and explains so much about our various (see: Candy Crush, pretty exclusively now) game addictions, and the feeling that we need to click the buttons.

You’ve changed, Charlie Hunnam.

It’s election time, and we all have hopes. Abbott hopes to find his daughters husbands in the Big Brother house. Meanwhile, Rudd pwns a bigot.

The Weinstein’s Salinger biopic is released on Thursday, and its companion book is here. We’re set to see much more Salinger work soon.

Holler if ya like musicals!

Beloved Maurice Sendak didn’t miss any bookish celebrations, and it looks like he made a poster for every one of them.

Speaking of kids: dental surgery!

And try again, Robin Thicke.