Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us.

wendydavis This week we learnt what a ‘filibuster’ is, and that Wendy Davis is one badass lady. Here she is re-imagined in Taiwanese. And her shoes are getting great reviews on Amazon.

If there is one thing our children need in this mad world, it is the influence of the characters of Parks and Recreation in their literature.

Look out! Racoon dogs are a thing, and they are invading.

Why do we like the smell of old books? It has a kind of sexy rising damp bouquet.

What gift do you give the nan/boyfriend/neighbour that has everything? Embroidered Kanye tweets, silly!

In news about animal sex: bees do better when promiscuous, and monogamous spider mating is just terrifying and awful.

‘They did what?’ Unforgiveable changes in book-to-film adaptations.

This person on Twitter is very good and taking photos of their cat posing with things and looking vaguely melancholic.

In the future, all music will be played by robots.