Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us.

Joyce Carol Oates* suggests banging loads of publishers to become a successful writer. (*not actually JCO.)

Everyone is freaking out that 1984 is actually happening. At least the NSA has got people reading?

Janet Maslin writes most passive aggressive book review ever. David Sedaris still has lots of cash and fame.

Khaleesi crowdsurfingDid you watch the Game of Thrones finale? Did you notice something kinda weird about that final scene? Blonde woman crowd surfing brown people? Yeeeaaah, that.

HODOR IS A DJ. Hodor? Hodor.

We need to talk about ‘Frape’: ‘Let’s be clear; someone posing as you and posting a pejorative on your Facebook page is not rape’. Darn tootin’ it’s not.

It seems we also need to talk about eyeball licking. Really.

Everything should be book-themed. Luckily, here is a bunch of restaurants that already are.

These revised fairy tales and great, but seem to be lacking cats. Cats who need to check their privilege, damn it.

Kanye West proves yet again that he is our real Jesus: ‘It’s only led me to complete awesomeness at all times. It’s only led me to awesome truth and awesomeness. Beauty, truth, awesomeness. That’s all it is.’ THAT’S ALL IT IS. PREACH.