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It’s been a tough week, with the Game of Thrones Red Wedding on Monday night traumatising us all into foetal positions. This Princess Bride mashup is here to teach us the tough life lessons. (Spoilers, obviously.)


Still, Hitler is pretty pissed off.

In lighter news, Arrested Development and The Great Gatsby have become one.

Joss Whedon can’t stop thinking about Shakespeare, even when he’s thinking about The Avengers.

Looking for the perfect gift for your philosophy-inclined friend? Look no further!

And if you’re looking for a date, guess who’s single! If he turns you down, you can always use his image for your fake ID .

Have you ever considered using your cat to smuggle goods?

What the world needs is more spoken word, and less racism. Holly McNish brings it.

List o’ babes from books: 11 Most Kickass Literary Heroines.

Did you hate that book that everyone else loved? Well, you’re not alone. One star reviews  of classic books. Hur hur hur.